Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wire Wrapped Cuff Bracelet, Lighthouse Painting and Moonlight Sail Painting

If you follow this blog, then you know I have not made any new jewelry pieces in a while. Last night I got out all the supplies to make a cuff bracelet today. I told myself I was going to paint, crochet and make a piece of jewelry. These Amethyst colored acrylic beads were the only beads large enough that I could use. I need to get some new beads, so I can make more of these. However, I do have watch faces, and may try that with some smaller beads in between. I had tried cuffs before, but couldn't get it quite right. Thanks to all free jewelry and this tutorial, I now know the basics of how to do it. I do not like a lot of wire, but I do like wire wrapping, just not too busy. I also painted this Moonlight Sail painting, which I absolutely love.  I had to use two coats of the blue paint, to get it as dark as I wanted.  I would have liked a navy color too, but that might have been too dark.  This was my first try, and I must say I did really good.  I started the lighthouse at sunrise, also, but it was a much lengthier painting than I anticipated.  It is about half done, and will be finished soon.  Be sure to check my Etsy store for all my fine items.  I offer a free layaway service, so shop now and pay as you go. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 8 Water Challenge Purple Spotted Swallowtail

For day 8 of my water challenge I decided to paint the very beautiful Purple Spotted Swallowtail. This was a very difficult butterfly to paint. And my water didn't exactly become the focus, so I will try a different approach next time. I love this butterfly and so wished they lived here where we are. They only live in New Guinea. This painting is available in my Etsy store, which you can visit by clicking on the widget above. I might get away from butterflies over water for a bit, but not for too long, because I am going to be a vendor with my mom at the 3rd annual Monarch Butterfly Festival in Sept at the Greathouse Butterfly Farm. I am so excited.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hail To the Prince or Princess!

This week's Theme Friday topic is all about princes and princesses. Since no crafters with boy prince items joined in, I picked one that I liked from an Etsy shop. Each of these items can be purchased at their Etsy stores by clicking on the links. Tell your friends and join in each week on my Facebook page. I get your item seen in several different places, including in a special blog post right here.

 Princess Bottle Cap Necklace
 Preemie Princess Crochet Cocoon with Crown
 Little Prince Diaper Cake

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 7 Water Challenge Red Butterfly Over Rippled Water Painting

Once a month my mom comes to paint with us. She is the one that got me painting to begin with. Yesterday, I did a Monarch butterfly on a purple flower over water. Today I did a beautiful red butterfly over rippled water. This is my first attempt at circular ripples in water. The butterfly just lightly lands on the water, causing soft ripples in the water. I am so loving the butterflies, that I am going to incorporate three of my favorites in future paintings, water, butterflies and flowers. Can't wait. I have 23 more days in my 30 day water challenge. That is a lot of painting. I did not get to finish my glass jar from yesterday, or start any new ones. Maybe tomorrow, especially if it keeps raining here. Our butterfly feeders, that we have put around the garden, have attracted some butterflies and moths that we don't normally see. We even had a blue butterfly last week, and some sort of a red butterfly or moth. We have three Milkweed plants, also, and got two caterpillars off of them so far. They are getting real big and hopefully we will get to see them make a chrysalis. Caitlin painted the rest of her butterfly stepping stone, then drew a baby lion and a lovely fish. DJ drew a sword from his Skyrim game. I tried to get him to design his own, but he is not ready for that yet. However, Caitlin and my Mom both designed their own girly swords, as they called them.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Butterfly Over Water Abstract Painting

This is my newest painting in my water and reflection painting challenged. Today I focused on some reflections in the water. I am calling this an abstract because obviously the sky and water are green with yellow and blue hues in it. The beautiful Monarch butterfly is perched on a lovely purple flower, which looks like a Lilac to me. I will be doing this painting in various colors and butterfly schemes. But, for now this is the one and only. It is signed and dated. It is done in acrylics on acid free acrylic paper. I hopefully will be attempting this one on canvas soon. It is not yet framed and will be available to purchase in my Etsy store, soon. I also painted the same image on a recycled jar. It only has one coat, and I always add at least two coats, sometimes three. That will be worked on tomorrow along with another water challenge painting. I saw a beautiful waterfall I might try. Hopefully, I will be making my own homemade body butter to add to my painted jars. But, that is in the future.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blueberry Blues

This week's theme post is Blueberry Blues. Both items below can be purchased it Etsy stores by visiting each link below. July is National Blueberry Month. Did you know that? I did not. If you would like to join in my weekly theme on Facebook, click the Facebook app on the left hand side of this blog. It will take you to my Facebook fan page, Melissas Menagerie of Stuff.

 Shired Island Florida sunset painting

 Winter Wonderland Button Bracelet

Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 5 Water Painting Challenge

Today for day 5 of my water painting challenge I painted a picture of the springs when they were flooded this Spring. As you can see the water is green when it is flooded, or brown, or a mixture of both. Caitlin wanted me to add a deer, even though it was not in the original photo. Something went really wrong because it looks like a combo of a deer and a kangaroo. LOL. So, this would be an abstract or impressionist painting? I have no idea, but I still love it. I wish I had studied more on painting reflections, so that is another assignment for me. I had extra paint left over so I practiced some roses. I am getting closer to what I want for roses. As you can see the blending was not great because I had very little paint left.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Christmas in July Sales

Each week on my Facebook fan page, I do a weekly theme. This week is Christmas in July. I would really like to get more crafters involved, but I took like a month off, so it is going to be a bit before I get them all together again. Here are this weeks two items, both at a great price, and beautiful.  To view these items click the highlighted link, Chrome Diopside Ring, Country Summer Button Bracelet.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 4 Water Painting Challenge

This is my day four water painting challenge. This is from a photo that my son took while visiting Shired Island in 2012 at sunset. I got really close to the original picture, and this one is by far my favorite so far. I am still not happy with the small ripple waves, but I am still studying and hoping to get it down soon. It is so frustrating sometimes. I might attempt this one on canvas as well. Visit my Etsy store, using the widget above, to see all my paintings, crochet and jewelry items. These make wonderful gifts for someone you love.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 3 Water Painting Challenge

For day three of my painting challenge, I decided to try to paint a picture of a photograph we took back in March, when my FIL was visiting. As you can see I did alter it a bit, leaving out the empty chair. But DJ said, he looks like he is standing on his head and would rather be placed in that empty chair, LOL! I have to figure out how to make him look like he is lying down looking at the water as in the photo. This is my first attempt to see how it would come out, now I will attempt to put it on canvas sometime in the near future. That would be my first attempt on canvas, and if I like it, it will be a gift for my FIL for Christmas. I think I did really well for my first try at this. What do you think?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another Sale, Butterfly Feeder and Family Tree Art

I did not get to paint yesterday, but that is because I was trying to tie up other projects that needed finishing. For our Earth Kids group, I want the kids to make butterfly feeders. I always try to test one out first, because just because something looks like a good idea doesn't mean it will actually work. The first butterfly feeder we tried was a flop. So, then I decided to use some of the jars I had painted on, but that did not make good candle jars or jars for gift giving purposes, to attempt a butterfly feeder. I saw the original idea on Pinterest. So, I got out one of my trusty jars. I then made a hole in the lid. Then you cut thin strips of a sponge and shove them tightly into the hole. You want them tight so the food fills the sponges and does not leak out around them. And I learned from my mistake, learn how to make a hanger for it first. Because, the jar is hanging upside down a traditional plant hanger will not work. So I crocheted one. Well technically it would have worked if I could have crocheted it higher, but you want the butterflies and hummingbirds to be attracted to the bright paint on the outside of the jar. And of course the jar fell over and it didn't work. So I bought 16 gauge colored copper craft wire and wire wrapped the jar. Now it hangs nicely, as you can see in the picture. This will be the project for our next Earth Kids meeting on the 16th. To make the butterfly nectar you mix two parts hot water to sugar. Let the sugar dissolve and cool before adding it to the jar. Be sure you know where you want to hang it and have everything ready before you tip it to hang. The liquid fills the sponge rather quickly and you can end up with a sticky mess all over you. Put it near your garden to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It does attract ants as well. The jar filled lasts about two weeks or so. I also got the first six pictures hung to our family tree. This will be an extended project because the frames are not cheap. Even at a dollar a piece, I have already spent six dollars. I won't buy anymore navy blue ones either. They just don't stand out as much.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 2 Bald Eagle and Patriotic Waves

So, for day two of my painting challenge I decided to try a bald eagle and some patriotic waves. I have never painted a bald eagle or waves either. I like the eagle, and I love the concept of the patriotic waves, but eh not so much on how it came out. My son, who was born on the 4th of July will be 13 Thursday, and from his perspective it was cool. So, I will be framing this for him to hang on his bedroom wall. I will continue my challenge with more water tomorrow.

Monday, July 1, 2013

30 Day Paint Challenge Water and Animals, Day 1

Caitlin and I decided we would challenge each other to a paint challenge, to improve our skills in one area. I picked water and she picked animals. Now I don't know for sure if we will do 30 days in a row, because some days we are way busier than others with outside activities. Today, for day one I did two paintings. Because it is Independence Day this week, and my son's 13th birthday I opted for fireworks over water with some patriotic wisdom. I have never done fireworks before and they are kind of difficult to make look realistic. Then, because I love waterfalls I made my little mountain escape house next to a beautiful waterfall. All this week I will be doing water with some patriotic US symbols. Caitlin is repainting the bathroom cupboard doors. Years ago I let both kids paint on them. She painted over that today, with purple paint, then started her first animal a dog. She asked me not to take pics until it was done. I am the opposite of her, I like to show progress in each step, she likes to wait until the project is complete.

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