Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 7 Theme: Laughter #30DOC

The theme for today, for 30 Days of Creativity Challenge, is laughter. Now at first I didn't think I was going to come up with anything for this theme. I thought of doing a photo collage of all my kid's funny faces, and that would have worked well too. But then I decided to do this painting, titled Laughter. Can't you hear them giggling and laughing? I actually chose to do this painting for a couple of different reasons, other than the theme of laughter. We just had Tropical Storm Andrea roar past us. I am always amazed at the people who feel a need to be in the angry waters of the Gulf of Mexico during such events. They put themselves in harm ways, some their kids, and the people who then have to rescue them. There are riptide warnings for a reason. This dad wanted to see the angry waters, it is rather fascinating, but he waited until the storm had passed and the sun was coming back out. Trust me the waters are still angry even after the storm passes. My other reason for doing this one, is it is Father's Day next week. And what is more beautiful than a mother sharing time with her kids? A dad spending time with his kids, and having fun. I really enjoy silhouettes, both painting and looking at them. This painting, along with many others I haven't even shared yet, will all be available in my Etsy store. I will get this one up in time for Father's Day. I might even have a frame for this one already. Tomorrow and Sunday's themes are clutter and robots. I do not have anything for clutter, but I might have something in mind for robots. I will share something else tomorrow, that is creative.

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