Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 6 Theme Sticks #30DOC

This is not what I planned to to do today. I planned to go to the Gulf of Mexico and hunt for seashells with our Earth Kids group. But, Tropical Storm Andrea didn't want me to do that. So, about six months ago my husband saw on Facebook, a Family Tree painted onto someone's wall. He asked me, can you do that? I said, right now? LOL, no. So, I told him when the kids were done with school I would try. Since I couldn't go to the Gulf, and the theme for today was sticks, I decided to do it today. Now I didn't have to add leaves, it was quite lovely without them, but the leaves add color and pop and I like that. Also, my tree is done all in black. Not many black trees, but I love the silhouette look and since my wall has a hint of pink to the color of it, I really like it. I am very pleased with the results, but of course it isn't done. I will probably reoutline the tree, just because I like to do that to make it look nicer. Then I have to find tons of picture frames, small ones, and get pictures of everyone in our family. The big pictures were just hung back where they were before I painted the tree. The top one is crooked but I am short and even on a chair could barely reach to put the nail up there. I will have my hubby fix that.

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