Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 5: Theme Mandolins #30DOC

I painted bright and early this morning, before anyone else was even up. How refreshing. This is my day 5 entry for 30 Days of Creativity challenge. I actually started this painting two weeks ago. Normally I only paint on Monday. But, since we are done homeschooling, basically, for the year I have lots more time to paint. This was intended to be just vines and roses, but when I saw the theme for today was mandolin, I decided to paint in a Mandolin. I like it. The colors all blend very nice, though I wish I had added a soft blue as an over all background color, but I will have to remember that next time. I am always learning each time I create a painting. This is the only thing I got to do today, but I do have to say the pineapple salsa I made for the theme yesterday was delicious with our dinner chicken tonight. What did you create today? Tomorrow is sticks and I think I will be able to stick to it, because my other plans are probably going to be washed out by rain.

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