Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 24 Paint Your Favorite Animal #30DOC

Today for Day 24 of the, 30 Days of Creativity Challenge, the kids and I each painted our favorite animal. I love baby sea turtles, adults too actually. So, I painted just hatched baby sea turtles making a run for safety, the water. DJ did a Panda Bear, another favorite animal of mine. Caitlin did a White Tiger mother and baby, and yes another favorite of mine. I guess I don't have a favorite animal, lol! I love them all, but especially baby animals. I also continue to work on the new baby blanket I am making. It will have a Polar Bear on it. I did not like the pattern I was following. In the pattern you made 15 squares and then sew them all together. Ugh way too tedious. But, I did love the new stitch I learned. So, I just made my own pattern using that stitch, and that is what I worked on today. The kids and I got a lot done today. Both creative and not so creative. Were you creative today?

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