Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 23 Getting Creative With Hair and Playing With Wire

Wow! 30 Days of Creativity is almost over already. Today I did some wire wrapping. Since I have not messed around with my wire skills lately, it took me some time to make something I like. I thought I had some red and green beads, the colors of my kid's birthstones. But, I only had a pistachio green pearl and a red carnelian bead. The green doesn't actually look like an Emerald and is way too big for this to work. But, I like the way the pendant came out and with the right size beads I could easily love this charm holder pendant. Hopefully I will be able to mess with this some more when I get the proper supplies. I made a smaller one out of craft wire as well, but didn't care for it as much. I have a lot of hair and have been trying different hair styles, that don't look like I am from an era gone by, or 70 years old. I have been perfecting my French Braid skills. Over at Hair Romance, she has tons of hair styles to try. One that I tried, unsuccessfully I might add, was the upside down French Braid into a bun. It came out OK and did not give me a headache, very comfortable, but most of the braid just wasn't good enough to say it was braided. It is hard to braid upside down. So, the one I like the most, so far, and no I do not get a headache is the French Braid into a ponytail or bun. I French Braid both sides, except for bangs. Then I put a clip at each end of the braid, so it doesn't come out. Then I pull the remaining hair, and both braids, into a ponytail. You then removed the clips and just let the hair dangle. Or if I want all more hair up, and not touching my neck at all, I either roll the ponytail under or up, they both create a somewhat different look, and clip it into place. That is the one that is shown. I like them both, and like I said no headaches. It is hot here in FL, and wearing my hair down is just not going to happen. But, I am not crazy about the wicked headaches that come with wearing it up. So, this works nicely. Thank you, Hair Romance, for having some an awesome blog.

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