Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 20 #30DOC Painted Mailbox

Today, for Day 20, Caitlin and I painted our mailbox. Last year, we painted it in the American Flag motif. The pole still needs to be spray painted black. Caitlin did the one side with the dog and numbers, while I did the flowers on the other side. It started good, not too hot, but then we had to wait for the black paint to dry. As we were painting on the other items it started to thunder in the distance. I had checked the radar for rain, before hand, and there was none. Anyway we had to hurry, and it was hot too, the mailbox and the air. So the flowers and vines didn't come out exactly as I wanted, but it is still pretty. Also, I forgot I do not like to paint on metal, lol. Especially textured metal, I just don't like the way the paint goes on. We used acrylic paint. Total time of project was like one hour and 15 min. I did get to let it dry and sealed before the thunderstorm actually hit and the mailbox is just fine.

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