Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 10 of #30DOC Butterfly Feeders

Today is day 10 of the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge, and Caitlin and I made a butterfly feeder using a painted recycled sauce jar. This is actually a project for our Earth Kids group, but I wanted to test one first to see how it worked. First the jar was already painted by myself. Then I had to figure out how to hang it. I think in the end I decided a bracket of some sort will work best. But, instead I crocheted a pretty purple hanger. You can see in theory it should work. But, once you add the sugar water it is just too heavy to be held up. Anyway after some thinking I used an old Ticki Torch that is just the shell left over. I put the jar in the Tiki Holder and then using my crocheted holder used that to get the pieces of wood to embrace and hold the butterfly feeder in place. This will suffice for now, until I get a proper bracket. We tried the feeder with the rotten fruit in a pan. That didn't work. The birds and squirrels thought it was theirs. And they just knocked it all over and made a big mess. Then I saw a website where they said to use an old jar. If you paint the jar pretty with bright colors it will help attract the butterflies and humming birds. Then use a nail to put a hole in the top. Then cut a sponge into very thin strips. Put as many of the sponge strips as you can into the hole, making a seal. Then dissolve one part sugar to two parts water and put it in the jar. Hang it upside down and wait for the butterflies and humming birds to visit. At first it dripped very fast and I thought oh no it will be gone in an hour. But, it slowed right down after the sponges were saturated. I was able to fit three sponges into the nail hole. I was going to paint today, something purple, but never did get to it.

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