Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Creativity Catch Up #30DOC

Day 11-18 each day I worked a little bit more on my Princess cocoon.  It is almost all done and then I need to do the hat.
Day 12 was painting fun for just me and I painted this lovely purse at the top.
Day 13 was photography fun with butterflies and flowers.  There are actually more pics for both days.
Day 14 was all smiles with photography fun.
Day 15 http://melissashomeschool.blogspot.com/2013/06/did-you-know-nature-facts.html
 Day 16 http://melissashomeschool.blogspot.com/2013/06/did-you-know.html
 Day 17 is fun with pictures and the dog.  This is Biscuit in various fashionista wear.  Isn't she cute?
Day 18 is painting fun with the whole family.  Mom painted on sunglasses and one wallet, Caitlin painted the Petshop dogs and the dog wallet, my sister painted the NC Tar Heels Wallet, and I painted the Love letters which will go above my Family Tree I painted on the wall on one of the other days.

Now that my sister will be returning to NC, I can resume a more normal schedule of creativity.  I still want to paint my mailbox, and a few other things planned, plus others I want to try.  Friday we are going seashell hunting, I hope, if it does not rain.  So there might be lots of photos that day as well.

1 comment:

UniqueNique said...

Very cool glad you are keeping up - love the photos and the cocoon


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