Monday, February 11, 2013

Painting on Cast Iron Pan

I love painting Nature. It is one of my favorite things to paint. As I still consider myself a learner, I continue to improve. This is a cast iron pan, you know like the kind you cook with, except much smaller. It had a candle in it, which I burned off, cleaned it and then painted berries on it. This is my first try at blackberries and raspberries. The raspberries I like, the blackberries not so much. They are just OK. Next time I will add a hint of dark red to see if that helps. This pan is small, but heavy. You could use it as a weapon, lol. It will be available to purchase in my Etsy store as soon as I can get it sealed. I have other paintings to share with you too, just not today. I thought painting on iron would be similar to painting on metal, but no it is not. You need a lot more paint when you paint on iron, and it is rough not smooth.

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