Saturday, December 15, 2012

European Style Cuff Bracelet and Watch Pendant

Yesterday I sat down with Marcia, her daughters and myself, to do some jewelry making and painting. Faith already had a good supply of stuff, and some knowledge of beading and wrapping. Poor thing didn't feel good though, so she only did a tiny bit. I made a European style cuff bracelet, shown below, on my daughter's tiny wrist. Since I had never done one of these, super easy by the way, I was not sure how many beads to buy. Since I had seven beads, I wire wrapped them so they stayed in the center of the cuff bracelet. I like it. Not sure if I am going to keep or sell it. Then I wire wrapped, using colored craft wire, a watch face to this pear shaped gold tone was an earring now a pendant, setting. I added a pink jump ring to make the bail. Very cute and I like it a lot. It will be listed in my Etsy store shortly. Then I finished my Nativity on glass candle holder. Mine is in blue and you can see the finished product below. I tried to do this on paper also, which you think would be much easier, but it didn't go well, LOL! Since Marcia is apparently a perfectionist, I finished several projects before she was happy with the stable and star. She will have to finish hers another day. I forgot to take a picture of the other jar I painted. Will have to share that another day.

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