Friday, December 28, 2012

Steelers Colors Blanket

I feel like I have been neglecting this blog. Not because I haven't been being crafty, that is not true. I continue to paint, crochet and make jewelry. I just don't have time to blog, LOL! I am glad Christmas is over. One of my painted ornaments sold and I was very excited about that. I also sold one of my painted spray bottles, but somehow I misplaced it. So, instead of continuing to try and find it, I have refunded the money to the buyer. I can't imagine where it is. It is a small spray bottle, so I suppose it could have accidentally been put somewhere it shouldn't have. I have someone interested in a custom order, if I can find what she needs. I love custom orders, they are always a fun challenge. I just finished, tonight, this yellow and black crochet blanket, the colors of the Steelers, for my husband. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift. Oh well, I am only four days late. I had no idea how long a blanket big enough for a full grown man would take. It is real warm, and if you would like one, visit my Etsy store and click on the item to order yours to be custom made. Now, back to some baby cocoons. I love them, they are so cute! I will share some of my other creations soon. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wiinie The Pooh Hanging His Christmas Stocking

I love Winnie the Pooh. He is so cute, friendly, and very wise you know :) I made this counted cross stitch some years ago, now. I had it stored away, not sure what to do with it after I finished it. Recently, my mom, who loves to sew, made me this table runner and sewed the cross stitch to it. So, this is all handmade, though sewn with a sewing machine not by hand. If, you would like to purchase this, you can either click on the store widget above, or click here.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

European Style Cuff Bracelet and Watch Pendant

Yesterday I sat down with Marcia, her daughters and myself, to do some jewelry making and painting. Faith already had a good supply of stuff, and some knowledge of beading and wrapping. Poor thing didn't feel good though, so she only did a tiny bit. I made a European style cuff bracelet, shown below, on my daughter's tiny wrist. Since I had never done one of these, super easy by the way, I was not sure how many beads to buy. Since I had seven beads, I wire wrapped them so they stayed in the center of the cuff bracelet. I like it. Not sure if I am going to keep or sell it. Then I wire wrapped, using colored craft wire, a watch face to this pear shaped gold tone was an earring now a pendant, setting. I added a pink jump ring to make the bail. Very cute and I like it a lot. It will be listed in my Etsy store shortly. Then I finished my Nativity on glass candle holder. Mine is in blue and you can see the finished product below. I tried to do this on paper also, which you think would be much easier, but it didn't go well, LOL! Since Marcia is apparently a perfectionist, I finished several projects before she was happy with the stable and star. She will have to finish hers another day. I forgot to take a picture of the other jar I painted. Will have to share that another day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Easy Jewelry Making Tutorials

I have asked by a fellow homeschool friend to teach some basic jewelry making skills, and painting to her and her daughter. I am not sure I know how to do this. So, I am studying some videos to learn how to teach someone else to do this. I have been making jewelry for years now, but never had to teach someone else. As for painting, well I have only been doing that for a year, and am not at all confident. But, I will do my best and try.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

White Gold Blue Zircon Earrings

If you were born in the month of December, then you probably know your birthstone is Blue Zircon. You are very lucky. Blue Zircon is one of the loveliest and very collectible blue gemstones. It is fairly expensive as well. You can substitute Blue Topaz, which many people do, due to it being much more affordable to Zircon. Check out the lovely earrings below. Wouldn't these make a lovely gift for a December baby?

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