Saturday, October 6, 2012

Painted Pilgrims on Glass

This is my first attempt at painting people. I have done animals, on ornaments, which I really enjoy, but no people. These are cute little pilgrims, and is a gift for a dear friend of mine. The man's arms are too long, as he is supposed to be carrying a basket of food next to his body, not a pot of food, away from his body, LOL! As I continue to learn I think of new ways to simplify the process of some of these harder items. For example, the next one I try, I am going to try and draw the outline with a black permanent marker, then I can paint over the outline when completed. I have used paint to do this, but you don't have as much control. So, I will try it. This took a very long time to complete, as you have to wait for the paint to dry to add the next layers. I always try to do at least three layers of paint, sometimes more, on glass to make it as bright as possible, and durable. I don't like to see the glass through the paint. What do you think of my pilgrims?

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