Monday, September 24, 2012

Reverse Painting on Glass Plates

This is only my second time painting on glass plates. When you paint on a glass plate, the back side of it, you have to paint the background first and then the foreground. This is a very hard thing to do. I did the sunflower correctly, but the moon and cat silhouette, I forgot. If you were to turn the plate over, it is still very nice, but you can't hardly see the tree branches, because they should have been painted on first. Oh well, practice and learn. It is like telling your brain to be backwards, LOL! This is part of my new Fall theme dining room table. I have lots more to share with you in the coming days. I was on JTV and Ebay today adding things to my Gemstone Collecting and Jewelry Making Pinterest boards. Christmas is coming after all, and I feel like I haven't made any new jewelry in a century. Of course that is not true, but it feels that way. I can't wait to make some new pieces. Click on the widget to my Etsy store, at the top of this blog, and check out all my paintings and jewelry pieces.

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