Saturday, September 22, 2012

My New Hand Painted Fall Table Setting

Check out my Fall table. I have hand painted all the items shown. Some were great treasures that I found at a thrift shop and revamped via painting into something new and beautiful. My daughter and I also painted the shower wall in the one bathroom. I will share that later. I will go through each piece on my new Fall table, in the next few days, so you can see them up close. I will tell you how I did it, and how you can do it too, all for close to nothing. Painting can be an expensive hobby, but I am finding it even more affordable than jewelry making, which I still love and adore.  There is one piece missing from the table, but I will show it when I get to it.  The Modge Podge sealer works best of all the sealers I have tried.  The others leave a film that I do not care for at all.  I reduced my Christmas ornaments down half price, because I don't like the way the other sealers look on them.  I hope to be getting a new batch of ornaments done soon.  Be sure to visit my Etsy store to see all my paintings and painted items up for sale.  Plus all my jewelry, cross stitch, and loose gemstones

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