Friday, August 3, 2012

Painted Ornaments For Facebook Theme Challenge

Each week I post a theme on a Facebook group I am in. Members who fit the theme can upload items to be featured in a treasury. This week another member chose religion for the theme. Since I didn't have anything to fit that theme, early this morning I sat down and painted some. I painted two angel dogs, with wings and a halo. One has blue eyes and the other green. They were supposed to be cats, but my daughter agreed with me that they definitely looked like a dog, LOL! Then I did two crosses, that were styled after a place mat I made earlier in the year with the same style, just larger. One has red and orange roses, the other purple and white roses, as the garland at the arms of the cross. Then there are other flowers going down to the bottom of the cross. I really like this design, but I think I definitely like the darker wood cross, like I did on the place mat, as opposed to the lighter wood cross. All four of these will be available in my Etsy store, as soon as I can get everything photographed and loaded. These ornaments are hard to get good images of. If I hold the ornament, then obviously my hand is in the image. I tried lying them in an egg crate, which works OK for drying and images, but still you see the egg crate. So, today I hung them on a hanger outside, so at least the background was pleasing, but because they are round, the image is still kind of distorted from what I want. So, I keep trying. These have to be sealed yet as well, which adds a glossy sheen that is not seen in these images. They are signed, dated and numbered. Currently I am only making two ornaments of each theme I like, with some only getting one. So, you could be the owner of a very unique piece of art work. Plus, right now I have a Summer sale. Even my new items are 15% off this listed price. Just be sure to use code summer12 at checkout for the discount to be applied. I have had two sales in the last two weeks, so I am very excited about that. It has been jewelry though, no paintings yet. But, that is OK, I know I am new to painting. I think I will be done doing the ornaments, for now anyways. I have run out of containers to safely store them in. I have other things I would like to paint also, so that is fine too.


Reeni said...

These are so cute Melissa! Love the angel dog. I e-mailed you about the baking group!

Melissa said...

Reeni I never got the email. I even checked all my spam folders.

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