Monday, July 9, 2012

Braided Love Knot Petite Pinkie or Children's Jewelry

Last night, I got to play around with wire a little bit again. If you have small petite hands, like me, then you know it is extremely difficult to find a pinkie ring that fits, and will not fall off. For years I wore a size 3 child's ring, and that fit but it still fell off quite a bit. I did eventually lose it after many years of wearing it. I have never found one again. So, I made my own pinkie ring. These two rings range from size 3 to 4. I say that because I gave my mandrel away a few years ago, and can't size exactly. However, I know the pinkie on my right hand is a size 3 and this fits just almost perfectly. It is loose enough to be comfortable but not too lose to fall off. The second one, the one with gold wire is probably a 3 1/2. I hope to make more of these, I love them. I am also going to try braided wedding bands, using colored craft wire. I need a mandrel though for that probably. I will be keeping the black one, and the gold one will be listed in my Etsy store, at an awesome price I might add. These would be perfect for a young girl to give to a friend as a friendship ring, or like I said if you have a very petite hand. I have been wearing mine all day and it is extremely comfortable, and because I use craft wire, they are not harsh to wear like some wire pieces.

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