Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seeing Red and A 4H Scrapbook

The kids and I began a project today, and I finished a project today. Let's start with the misfit deer painting, that I completed. oh I loved this concept of a silhouette in a color other than black. So I made a very red moon, and a yellow deer silhouette. I was so proud of it. That is until my son pointed out to me that deer antlers originate from only two spots on their head. OK so I got lost in the painting and didn't pay attention. He is a misfit deer, with an extremely large head, good thing with antlers all across it, LOL! I will list him for sale because I think he is very original,unique and I love him. I will try this one again, paying better attention to his antlers. DJ is the Historian for his 4H group. That means he is responsible for making the scrapbook for the end of the year. Well the year has ended. Even though this is not due until August, I do not believe in procrastinating. Since I am cheap, yes I said it. I had no intentions of spending a fortune on this scrapbook. Besides, I looked at tons and could not find one scrapbook that encompassed all that we covered. So, I bought card stock that DJ picked, some cute stickers that I will not share yet, and then printed off a very large clover. The kids then traced the clover onto the card stock, and cut them out. I will not share how we will put this together until we get to that step. Next I have to print the pictures, and get the rest of the supplies. This will be adorable, I hope. Oh, by the way I forgot to mention, all this is for day 12 of the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge.


betchai said...

you always have fun activity, those are huge and colorful clovers.

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Melissa said...

Thanks, Betchai! How do you like my painted table, lol! Not very artistic just messy.

UniqueNique said...

Well done even if you consider him a misfit deer I think he is still kinda cute and I like it when silhouettes are colour against the darker background

Melissa said...

Uniqenique, I love this color combo. Will definitely be using it again. I already have a few ideas. Thanks!


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