Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 28: Sterling Silver Prehnite Ring

This is a remake piece today, for day 28. I actually had this Prehnite in another setting, that I didn't really think looked well for this stone, so I switched it. This sterling silver setting, is a size 6 featuring an oval cabochon Prehnite gemstone. When you look into this gem it is like looking into a crystal ball it is so clear and lovely. It is almost mesmerizing, with the soft green color and hints of yellow at times. It does have one inclusion that you can see with the naked eye, but I think it only adds mystery to the ring. It has hearts on both shoulders of the ring, as shown in the picture. This will be available for purchase, in my Etsy store.


mens diamond rings said...

Gemstones are good carriers of cosmic energy and can provide benefits to its wearer but only if its is worn rightly, if people worn them right, they provide their cosmic benefits otherwise they are just cosmetic and jewelery.

Melissa said...

Yes, I agree!

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Oh, how pretty. Love the picture on the flower! Have a great weekend. ; )

Melissa said...

Thank you, Michelle. I like the rings on the flowers as well. I have had others tell me it isn't clear enough, but I think it is an interesting way to take a photo.

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