Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 27: Painting Class

Today for day 27, was our bi weekly painting class. Today, my mom and I painted little people on clothes pins. Then in a couple of weeks she is going to teach Caitlin how to make little outfits for them. My mom and I also painted on these spoons. Two are plastic and one is wooden. I much prefer the plastic over the wooden spoon. I finished off by practicing more grapes. Still not the right color, but it isn't the color I am working on but the shape, and bunching of the grapes. This is the best set I have done so far. DJ painted the Painted Bunting bird. What a beautiful bird, and he did a great job. Caitlin painted a mother bunny and two baby bunnies, in their burrow. She too did a great job. A wonderful day of family painting. I wish my husband would join in, he is actually very good at drawing.  I only have three days left to the challenge, and then I think I am ready for a break, and to get all the new items listed in my store.  Phew what a blast I have had.

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