Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 18: Painted Glass Cabochons

This is my first attempt to paint on these round glass cabochons. This is very painstaking work, and took me several hours to complete the five you see. There are several shots from different sides. I must give some advice. I find for painting on any glass, if you want a sold background, use a fan brush. It goes on smooth and leaves no streaks. Let the paint dry completely before trying to paint another layer, or other images. Here are the ones I did. One more tip, they look a lot different after they dry, all paintings, so wait and take pictures once they have dried. I am not sure if I want to attempt to make pendants of these, or sell them like this, and let more experienced wire wrappers use them to make some lovely pendants or bracelets even. 1- The heart and rosebud. I love this one. Only thing is my green was not dark enough, so the leaves look funky. I tried to darken it up with a touch of black, but I definitely need a darker green. I will definitely paint more of these. 2- Hearts on Fire, or that is what I wanted. It is hard to paint flames in such a small space. I do like it. 3- Man in the Moon, with butterfly friend. I do think this is adorable, and really want to try a larger version. 4- Today for our homeschool coop class, we began learning about Native Americans of Florida, their history and culture. We started with the Seminoles. Seminole women loved bright and colorful, geometric type beads, clothes, baskets and other paintings. I made the geometric one in honor of that lesson. I really like that one too. 5- Last but not least, my first attempt at giraffe spots. Needs some work, but I bet it would look awesome as a pendant. What do you think?

1 comment:

UniqueNique said...

Well done - painting on glass especially small pieces is not the easiest. Very cool ;~D

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