Tuesday, June 5, 2012

30 Days of Creativity: Day 5 Painted Clouds on a Shirt

Man we had a plethora of creativity today, but only one thing got completed on this day 5 of, 30 Days of Creativity. Some of my projects I have planned, have to be completed in parts, because of paint drying or other reasons. So, I am going to explain what each picture is. The top two pictures, and the last picture, are mine and my daughters, day 5 creations. We homeschool, and we have been taking painting classes every two weeks for almost a year now. Two weeks ago, I painted the front of the shirt. You can't see it all, because I only showed the sun and clouds, but there are flowers and my initials painted on the pocket. I like simply and pretty, not loud and busy, so when it was suggested to me to bring the clouds over the shoulder to the back, I wasn't real sure I wanted to. But they look very soft and lovely, and I am very pleased with the results. I can't wait to wear it. Of course now I have to let it dry another week or two, then heat set it, before I can wear it. Caitlin loves bugs. Today while we finished up our Entomology book for 4H, she found a cricket, she already has several large grasshoppers, and put it in this jar. Then this evening she painted various pictures of her cricket on her jar. The cricket is sitting, then jumping, then landing, lol! She was very proud of her work. I think I paint animals and landscapes, much better than individual flowers or fruit. I started this adorable cow painting this evening as well. It is obviously not finished yet, and I need to try to spruce the grapes up. For one thing they are too large. Then I painted some puzzle pieces with several layers of different colors. I will then paint various things on them, on another day, and then hopefully make them into a pendant, or a bracelet would be adorable. Last I have been wanting to make my own cuff bracelets. I tried one technique that was OK, but it was kind of harsh and not soft like I like when finished. Then I found a tutorial for using popsicle sticks to make cuff bracelets. Again we homeschool, so we actually have a ton of these from a previous project. The first step is to place them in water, and simmer them for an hour. Actually I found it took closer to 90 minutes to achieve the desired flexibility. I will share the rest of the steps when they are completed. I will then paint on them as well. I am hoping these will be a hot, and popular item to sell. They will have to pass my quality standards first, before I would even attempt to sell them. Wow! We got a lot done today, and that doesn't include all our school stuff, lol! Time for bed!


UniqueNique said...

My oh my you were busy - well done - looking forward to seeing how the popsicle bracelets turn out they seem mighty interesting and I love the clouds on the shirt. Your cow is coming along nicely too. Your kids seem quite adept at the creativity in science part too ;~D

Melissa said...

My kids love Science. I would say definitely their favorite subject. Thank you!


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