Monday, May 14, 2012

Learn About Emeralds

My daughter was born in May, so her birthstone is the beautiful and coveted Emerald.  If you were born in May, then you also have the birthstone of Emerald.  I just found this lovely little video, that not only will show you some of the nicest Emeralds but also teach you about them as well.  Were you born in May?


jewelry san bernardino said...

Emerald is one of the best gemstone for decorating necklace and rings.

papel1 said...

Thanks for sharing the emerald video. I was born on May 10. No emerald rings this year.

Melissa said...

Judy, if you visit my store I have a very nice emerald at an affordable price. Happy belated birthday, yours is the day after my daughter.

Thank you jewelry san bernandino.

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