Monday, April 23, 2012

How To Paint the Sky With Acrylics

 I have figured out how to seal my glass painted objects, so I can list them for sale. Since they are my first projects they will be very affordable.  The first sealer, which I put on three coats, has actually worked fine.  The garden bottles I made, and sealed, using that sealer have been out in the pouring rain for two days.  Not one speck of the paint has come off at all.  The colors are just as crisp as they were when I put them out there two weeks ago.  I did buy another sealer, I used one coating, then submerged the items into water and let them sit for a while.  The paint did not come off.  Wednesday is my next painting class.  Since I am not sure what we are doing, I will study the videos below in hopes to do some sky work.  I love scenic pictures and this would be my ultimate painting goal, along with painting on jewelry of course.  Have an awesome Monday, everyone.

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