Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not Happy With Beaded Watches Tried Cuffs Instead

I had mentioned in a previous post that I was making watches for the smaller wrist, as I have one. Well so far, I have not been happy with the results. Mind you they are very pretty, but I am not finding them to be reasonable to wear for everyday, or even casually at this time. I tried magnet clasps for ease of on and off, from two different suppliers. The results were the same, even though the magnets were very strong, the watches would just randomly fall off without any reasoning. Then I switched to regular clasps, which are an annoyance to put on and off. I was not happy with the look, the feel, or how to put them on and off. Then I remembered I had purchased this plain wire cuff, from where I wish I remembered, since I can not find anymore anywhere. Maybe it was Walmart, lol! Anyway I took a watch face, and with lime green craft wire, wire wrapped the watch face to the cuff. The trick really is to be sure the cuff is pretty much already at your wrist size because once it is wire there is only a little bit of play in size. I like the results a lot. Since I can not find any cuffs even similar to this, haven't checked Etsy yet for handmade ones but they might be too expensive, I have found a fairly simple tutorial to make my own cuff bracelet with craft wire. I can't wait to try it. There was not a video for this particular tutorial, but if you would like to give it a try, just click here. If anyone knows where I can find a cuff bracelet, similar to the one shown, please drop me a comment with a link. I also am thinking bangle bracelets, which are very affordable, and maybe memory wire would work nicely as well for watches. What do you think?

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