Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Idea For Jewelry Pictures

I have stated previously since buying my new digital camera that I was very unhappy with the jewelry pictures I was getting. My son takes 4H photography, and I myself have learned a few tricks of taking good pictures. On Friday I picked up some really fresh, pretty plants. Then I set a piece of jewelry down on the leaf or actual flower of the plant. The results are quite lovely and unique. I am going to get all my pictures retaken using this method. Some of these pieces are not even listed in my Etsy store yet, but they will be. Anyone who sells jewelry knows how important a great picture is. Please take a minute and open up the pics, and give me some feedback as to how they look. Obviously some color schemes do not look as good as others. I would love to know what everyone thinks. Always looking for tips. Have a great Sunday!


Reeni said...

This is a unique idea Melissa! They came out really pretty and very clear. When I was selling jewelry I struggled with getting good pictures too. Shaded daylight always seemed to work best with my camera.

Melissa said...

I agree shaded daylight is much easier than the bright sun, though some stones are beautiful in the brightest sun. Thank you for the feedback.

betchai said...

really neat idea indeed, Melissa. never had thought of this. they came out really well.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Betchai. Now if I could get some extra time from other projects to take more pictures, lol!

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