Saturday, February 25, 2012

Painting on Glass Cabochons #1

Those of you who read this blog know that I want to paint on jewelry. This is attempt number one at painting on glass cabochons. I will let them set for a few days, then seal them, and list for a few dollars to see if there is interest. I have a lot of improvements to make before I am ready to list them at retail prices. You can see the Sand Dollar I painted on as well. Not yet sure what I will do with it, but have considered adding a wire wrapped bail and making it a large and in charge pendant. What do you think?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sharing Is Fun

Today I am taking a moment to show some Team FEST love to two members who stopped by my Saturday post and shared a link.

First is a Pinterest board by Judy Gibson featuring FEST items. Judy has other boards as well, so be sure to check them all out. If you don't have Pinterest yet, you don't know what you are missing.

Next, is Tealwaterdesigns Blog, and check out what she has featured for Mardi Gras! Someone is very creative and talented. She also has an Etsy store, as does Judy. You can check them both out at the following links:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Make A Candy Bouquet

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I am learning to paint. I have been sharing some of my progress on this blog. Tomorrow my kids have a Valentines Day homeschool party, and I painted this cute glass vase and then made a candy bouquet.

This really was not that hard. I painted the cute bear with petals falling all around her. Each side has something different on it, roses, vines with leaves and the word love with puffy hearts.

To make the bouquet I just added flower foam to the glass vase, hot glued a variety of Valentines candy to popsicle sticks and stuck them in the foam at different angles and levels. Very easy, and very cute. I am thinking I might even do one for St Patricks Day. I am hoping to get good enough to paint on jewelry. Since I am still most comfortable with the medium to large flat brush, jewelry is still out of the question, lol! So what do you think? Have you ever made a candy bouquet?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sold Tanzanite Topaz Ring

Two sales in two weeks is so awesome. This beauty a Tanzanite colored Topaz ring in sterling silver. I love to be able to share my lovely creations, especially since I really try hard to keep my prices low so everyone can afford beautiful jewelry.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amethyst Jewelry For February Babies

For all you ladies born in the month of February, Amethyst is your birthstone. Did you know there is a green Amethyst? It is called Prasiolite and I have one available in my store. It is a lovely mint green color and is heat treated to get the desired color. If you purchase your Amethyst piece before Valentine's Day, and use code love12 at checkout, you will get free domestic shipping. All items are also marked down for the sale. Visit my Etsy store to see all three Amethyst pieces available, plus all my other great items.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh My Painting Frustration

How long should it take me to get my painting how I want it? I have been painting since October, granted only a couple of times a week, but I still can't get the rose even correct. It is kind of frustrating. I have watched several techniques over and over, practiced them all, and still no perfect rose. LOL, I think I am getting out of hand. These are my first two practice scenic type paintings. This top one, I did second, and I like the best. It is flowers blowing in the wind, as a thunderstorm approaches. The second one is suppose to be a sunset over water with clouds. Not so close on that one. What have you been creating that is new for you? Please do share.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Amethyst Beads

Since February is all about Amethyst, for those of you born in this month. I will be sharing some Amethyst reading, jewelry and other Amethyst sources for you to enjoy and consider. These are beautiful Amethyst beads for all you jewelry lovers. Learn to make your own jewelry, and make your birthstone even more special.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sold Princess Cut Peridot Earrings

These petit Peridot princess cut earrings just sold from my Etsy store. Finally someone took advantage of my sale, and used the proper code to get free shipping. Yay! I am sure the buyer will love them!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Painting Skills Continue To Grow

Well I am getting better, but still not comfortable that I could sell any of them yet. I continue to practice several days a week, and have not been brave enough yet to try landscape painting, but I will. Today we painted on these little canvas bags, shown in picture two. I will be listing my Mom's in my Etsy store for her after Valentines Day. Wondering why? Because I have a sale going on, and don't want to add new inventory yet. My watch broke today, just a Walmart watch, but now I am going to make a beaded band for the face, instead of buying a new one. All my jewelry is currently on sale in my Etsy store, plus free domestic shipping. The discount is already marked in, but to get the free shipping you need to use Love12 at checkout.

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