Thursday, January 19, 2012

Learning To Paint

Those of you who read my homeschool blog, know that I am learning to paint, using the one stroke method. Since I really want to paint jewelry, I am going to share my progress here. The first paper is the teacher's, my mom. The second is mine. You can clearly see the difference, lol. She has been painting for quite some time, so I guess it really is not a good comparison. I have decided that I will practice for a little bit each night, that I can. The leaves are especially hard. I got a new brush called the Filbert brush, and I really love this brush. I would love to get good enough, where I can paint jewelry, candle holders, and whatever suits my fancy. Do you paint? What method do you use?


papel1 said...

The one stroke painting looks like a great way to learn how to paint. I did do a little tole painting years ago. There were similar techniques to the one stroke painting. I usually painted on wood but will be curious to see how it works on jewelry. Found your blog through entrecard.

Rose said...

Nope, I don't paint, but I admire those who have a gift for it!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Judy, and I am interested to see how it will look on jewelry too, lol. I have a ways to go yet before I attempt it. Please come visit again.

Rose, I am finding painting calming and stressful at the same time, lol! Since I really want to learn to do this, I am stressing myself out trying.

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