Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Colors of Garnet Gemstones

It is time to feature some birthstones, again. I try to do this each month, but with different info or videos. Since the birthstone for January is the Garnet, I have selected videos for each color. Garnet comes in every color and range of the rainbow, except blue. However a new find has Masasi blue color change garnet from blue to reddish purple. Like Alexandrite however it is not always a complete change and many are just color shifts. But if you love phenomenon gemstones, as I do, it is worth considering adding one to your collection. Happy Birthday to all my readers who are January babies. I hope you own a piece of beautiful birthstone jewelry. There is nothing more special than honoring your own birth.

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Reeni said...

I didn't know garnets came in so many colors! I can't wait for next month - Amethyst is mine and would probably be my favorite even if it wasn't. Happy New Year!

Melissa said...

Reeni, I love very fine Amethyst, the nice dark ones. It is such a lovely color.

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