Saturday, October 22, 2011

History Of Mexican Fire Opal

Since the birthstone for October is Opal, I am sticking with that theme, for now. Did you know there was an orange Opal, or even red? It is rare fire Opal found in Mexico. It forms from volcanic lava. You can read more about Fire Opal by clicking the link. Fire Opal can also be found in Brazil but it is not nearly as beautiful as the Mexican variety. It has a milky cloudy look to it. The ring shown is most likely Fire Opal. But since I did not test it before I set it, I can't say for sure. It could also be Mandarin Garnet, or Carnelian either of which would be fabulous with that color. It does have some inclusions but does not take away from its beauty. One of my favorite pieces. I love orange, and orange gemstones are not easy to come by. Like all opals, fire opals are very fragile. With a hardness of around 6 it is best not to have an expensive Fire Opal ring, or bracelet. If you really wanted something pricey earrings or a pendant would be better. Opals are also sensitive to all kinds of chemicals so use caution when wearing and cleaning your opals.

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