Saturday, September 24, 2011

My First International Sale In A Longtime

I had suspended all International sales from my Etsy store, for at least a couple of years now. My post office just could not seem to handle my questions with correct answers, and were constantly over charging me to ship international. Therefore I was always getting ripped off in shipping. Now I have learned the different types of shipping, and what exactly I need to satisfy Paypal and their policy for tracking packages. You do not need to send Registered Mail, as the post office will tell you, it will cost double. You do need to send Priority International Shipping and the fee varies depending on where you are shipping to. If you have a very expensive item then you might want Registered Mail for the added security, just remember it is at least 15 dollars to send Registered Mail plus the other fees for just sending it. I did send this one Registered and took the loss on the shipping because I so want it to go smoothly. If all goes well, I may loosen up on my International shipping.

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