Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Emerald Rondelle Beads: Jewelry Making

I am collecting on this blog, the gemstone beads I need to learn to make a Tree of Life Pendant, which is in the archives if anyone is interested in learning. I am going to use the birthstone beads of myself, children, and my husband. Since my son and husband are Rubies, those were already shown. Here are the Emeralds that will represent my daughter. Then I just need to find the Peridot to represent me. I will need to see what size wire works best as well before hand. I can not wait until I can actually finally make this piece.


Reeni said...

I can't wait until you make it either! I've always wanted to make one myself - I love the video you posted - she makes it look so easy. Maybe I'll be inspired enough to make my own.

Melissa said...

Reeni thanks. I just need to save a little extra cash. Those beads are expensive when you buy the real thing.

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