Monday, June 27, 2011

Red Andesine/Labradorite Ring

We are quickly approaching July. Can you believe it? I can't and I wish it would slow down just a bit. This lovely ring is a Red Andesine/Labradorite gemstone ring. Ruby is the official birthstone for July babies. But this is a lovely red gemstone, and much more affordable than a fine quality, flawless ruby. It sits low to the hand for those who do not like their rings to catch on things. It is a size five, and would make a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Andesine/Labradorite is a fairly rare gemstone that is also found in yellow, green, and a color change/shift variety. It is usually heat treated to get the lovely red color. This lovely ring is available for purchase in my Etsy store.


Reeni said...

The ring is beautiful! I can't believe it's almost July either! But I'm glad - closer to fall - my favorite time.

betchai said...

oh, i wish for time to go fast but freeze at july and august :) these 2 months are my favorites since more water activities for me :)

Anne said...

That is really beautiful. I can't believe it is almost July. The weather has not seemed summery at all around here.

Audrey said...

Beautiful ring Melissa! I love the stone :)
Love those beautiful birds on you blog header too!!


Melissa said...

Reeni, Betchai, Anne, and Audrey thank you all so much. I personally love this ring and the stone, it is a favorite of mine. Audrey the birds in the header are pictures my son took on our trip to Seaworld in April.

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