Sunday, June 12, 2011

A History Of Pearls

It is halfway through June already, and I have not said one word about Pearls. The Pearl and Alexandrite are the birthstones for babies born in June. Because Alexandrite is so extremely rare and expensive, Pearls have really taken over the role of birthstone for June. I will be trying to post a new video, or jewelry piece, containing pearls at least every few days. I simply love pearls. They are so simple yet elegant, and feminine. The video below will tell you all kinds of interesting info about pears. Some you may not know. Enjoy!


Tes said...

I love pearls! They can easily be worn with anything and in anywhere! :) Have a good one, Melissa!

Melissa said...

Me too Tes and they look especially good with blue jeans. Thanks for visiting.

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