Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Is Moissanite?

Watch this educational video on Moissanite. There is a blue Moissanite that I would love to own.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Red Andesine/Labradorite Ring

We are quickly approaching July. Can you believe it? I can't and I wish it would slow down just a bit. This lovely ring is a Red Andesine/Labradorite gemstone ring. Ruby is the official birthstone for July babies. But this is a lovely red gemstone, and much more affordable than a fine quality, flawless ruby. It sits low to the hand for those who do not like their rings to catch on things. It is a size five, and would make a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Andesine/Labradorite is a fairly rare gemstone that is also found in yellow, green, and a color change/shift variety. It is usually heat treated to get the lovely red color. This lovely ring is available for purchase in my Etsy store.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The other birthstone for June is Alexandrite. Because it is rare and very expensive in good quality, most people will use Pearl for the June birthstone. The video below is a newer one I found that shows the color change phenomena of Alexandrite, plus has other great information about Alexandrite. I personally love Alexandrite, it is one of my favorite gemstones. My children were born in May and July so my Alexandrite ring serves as my mother's ring. It is emerald by day and ruby by night. I have shared pictures of it in previous posts. I wear it quite frequently.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finally Some Finished Cross Stitch Pieces

These are two of the cross stitch pieces that are finally finished. I had mentioned that I had done a whole bunch of cross stitch pieces many years ago, and never did anything with them. They have been stored away all these years. My mom volunteered to try to do something with them. Here are two of the finished products. The one with the two girls and teddy bear tea set, is many years old. It stayed together so well and is nice and clean. She backed it and framed it with lace and a large hoop. The little bear at the bottom is old but not as old as the top one. She found a cute little frame at a church bizarre, and added the blue lace to it. It is the sweetest little bear. Now I just need to figure out where to hang them.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unique Engagement Rings For The Love Of Your Life

June, for a lot of people, is the month when couples plan their weddings. It is a glorious month to get married. But maybe you are getting engaged soon, and are looking for an engagement ring. Or, if you are married like me, you would like to upgrade your wedding set. Whatever your reason for looking for a diamond ring, I found a beautiful website with unique engagement rings and wedding sets.

First let me tell you why I chose the two rings shown to share with you. The first one is a complete wedding set. This could be an engagement ring and wedding ring, or a new wedding set to upgrade from one you currently own. I like this wedding set because I work in the medical profession and it sits low to the hand to avoid bending the setting, or scratching of patients. It is available in both white and yellow gold and in my opinion would look flattering on any hand type.

The second ring, pictured below, is a very unique design engagement ring. I love this piece. It is big enough to be noticed but not too big to be gaudy. I have a very small hand and I think this engagement ring would be very flattering for a small hand. It too is available in white or yellow gold. I love white gold.

While browsing around the website for unique engagement rings, I noticed some awesome qualities about this website. I am going to showcase some of those features for you.

1- They offer free shipping.
2- They offer a money back guarantee.
3- They offer black diamonds too in engagement rings.
4- Customer care service both before and after the sale. A chat service with a rep for any questions you may have before buying your engagement ring or wedding set.
5- They offer other diamond jewelry such as earrings and necklaces.
6- Secure payment with Paypal and Google Checkout.
7- Over 5,000 satisfied customers worldwide, since 2005 when their business began.
8- They offer a whole section on educating the buyer about diamonds. Including about enhanced diamonds.
9- You never have to worry about resizing. They offer a resizing conversion for different countries, and each piece is individually made to the size you desire. The piece is not re-sized from a piece already in inventory.
10- If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for this company, they offer an affiliate program.

If you are getting engaged, renewing your vows, want to upgrade a wedding set, or are just shopping for some beautiful diamond jewelry, then be sure to check out Shireeodiz unique diamond jewelry website.

This is a paid review done by me, and all opinions are 100% mine.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pink Pearl Jewelry Set

This would be an awesome gift for any young lady born in the month of June. It is also great for weddings, bridesmaids, graduation, sweet 16 or just because.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A History Of Pearls

It is halfway through June already, and I have not said one word about Pearls. The Pearl and Alexandrite are the birthstones for babies born in June. Because Alexandrite is so extremely rare and expensive, Pearls have really taken over the role of birthstone for June. I will be trying to post a new video, or jewelry piece, containing pearls at least every few days. I simply love pearls. They are so simple yet elegant, and feminine. The video below will tell you all kinds of interesting info about pears. Some you may not know. Enjoy!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Charoite I Love This Gemstone

If you love purple gemstones, and stones that have lots of mythic and lore, then Charoite might be for you. Watch the video to see the magical stone called Charoite. The video is not the greatest quality, but she gives great info about Charoite.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Team FEST June Challenge Old Glory

If you have an Etsy store and live in Florida, you could join in our monthly team challenges at FEST. This month it is Old Glory, and this is my entry. I made this bracelet using a Flag charm, red coral beads, freshwater blue pearls, and Swarovski white pearls. It has a magnetic clasp and is 7 inches in length. This bracelet is available for sale in my Etsy store.

If you would like to join a great Etsy team, then check out Team FEST.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

FEST June Blog Giveaway Enter Now

Our lucky June Winner will have an opportunity to select one item from either of Carrie's Shops - HappyLittleMonkey or MonkeySeeMonkeyDo. Carrie is a Florida native now living in Tallahassee. She creates wonderful products for kids with practicality, utility and parents in mind.

HappyLittleMonkey specializes in great baby gifts and you can choose a Premium Swaddling Blanket and Burp Cloth Set from this Shop similar to this lovely blue, aqua and white blanket combo as your Giveaway.
MonkeySeeMonkeyDo features items for bigger kids, from age 1 to around kindergarten and growing. Or select as your Giveaway, an Appliqued Shirt from this Shop. Here's an example of Carrie's special designs.

Carrie spends hours searching for just the perfect materials and fabrics for her fabulous creations and, in addition to the Giveaway, if Team FEST members purchase a Swaddling Blanket Set by July 4th, Carrie will monogram the blanket or burp cloth FREE when FEST members use the code GOTEAMFEST in the comments.

HOW TO ENTER: Enter to win by visiting Carrie at either or both of her Shops HappyLittleMonkey or MonkeySeeMonkeyDo or any of the FEST Team members listed in the Member Section. Find your favorite item, share it with us and tell us why you love it. Remember to add your email address so we can contact you if you are the Winner! Winner picked on 07/04/11. Simple and Easy!

About the Artist:
Carrie is a stay-at-home mommy of two little ones and loves the opportunity to create great things! Her product inspiration comes from her kids, and then she create things that Moms will love too.
Carrie learned how to sew as a little girl, along-side her mother who gave Carrie her very own machine at a very young age!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Star Sapphire Phenomenon Gemstone

In my last post I told you about Black Star Diopside, a phenomenon gemstone with a four pointed star or asterism. This ring shown is a Blue Star Sapphire, and as I stated in the previous post, that is how you can tell a sapphire from diopside. Star sapphires have a six pointed star, as shown. This ring is already sold, but I wanted to be sure and show my readers the difference in the two. Both are unique and lovely.

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