Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Andesine/Labradorite Ring

If you love red gemstones, and gemstones that are rare and unique, then the Red Andesine/Labradorite is for you. This is how they have decided to name this particular gemstone. I guess it is not quite Andesine and not quite Labradorite but a kind of mixture right on the border of both. It is kind of weird. But it is a beautiful stone. It is enhanced to get the better color as they all are. It is a 5.5 mm cushion square cut set in sterling silver, size 5, with puff heart accents on the side. It is a very simple setting to showcase the beauty of the stone. It sits low to the hand so it doesn't catch on things, or get knocked around. If you would like to purchase this lovely ring, please visit my Etsy store. I do offer combined shipping and a free layaway service.

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