Monday, May 30, 2011

Black Star Diopside Phenomenon Gemstones

You have probably heard of a Star Sapphire, but what about a Black Star Diopside? Black Star Dioside, also referred to as the Star of India is a natural untreated gemstone, that has a four pointed star on the gemstone. This is called a phenomenon gemstone. A Star Sapphire has a six pointed star, that is how you can be sure what you are purchasing. Plus a Star Sapphire has a simulated and synthetic version, where as Star Diopside does not. Star Diopside is very popular in India, but not so much here in the states. Even though it is totally natural it doesn't get the showtime of a Star Sapphire. I own several of these beauties, and will hope to be making jewelry with them soon. Check out the video to see exactly what a four pointed star looks like. As with all star phenomenon gemstones, the star is best see outside in natural sunlight. Indoor light makes it look washed out, and difficult to see.

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