Friday, April 1, 2011

Sold Petite Garnet Ring

This lovely petite Garnet ring has sold, and been shipped, from my Etsy store. Yay! If you want to check out my pieces just visit my Etsy store. I offer a layaway service and combined shipping.


White Gold Engagement Rings said...

One of the best thing is that Garnet ring available in different colors and the starting price range of such a beautiful rings are just $19.99 USD. In this year I will definitely gift that wonderful item to my loverly wife.

Melissa said...

Yes I love Garnet just because of the variety of colors it comes in. Such a beautiful gift from nature. Your wife will be very happy I am sure.

greg101 said...

Jewelry has always been inseparable from women. Initially the quality and worth of the jewelry were the only considerate factors which have slowly shifted towards the trail of individuality.
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antique jewelry said...

Lovely piece of jewelry. Jewelry has always been adored by females. I too have a small collection but I think I don't have any kind of garnet ring. I will plan to buy a garnet ring soon as I am very impressed with your collection that you have shared on that link.

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