Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sold: Blue Topaz and Garnet Earrings

I have no idea why these pictures are so small, LOL! Anyway I had two sales to the same customer, Yay! She bought the red garnet earrings, and then requested a blue topaz pair as well. I must tell you the Swiss Blue Topaz is the most beautiful and affordable blue gemstone you could every buy. It is just stunning. I have actually sold several pairs of the Swiss Blue Topaz earrings, and this was the last matched pair of gems I had. I definitely need to get more. I love them! Visit my Etsy store, and see if I don't have something you will love.


Reeni said...

Congrats on your sales! They are beautiful!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Reeni.

White Gold Engagement Rings said...

When buying garnet earrings, it is important to understand how the quality and value of garnet gemstones estimate that a wise buy. The quality garnet is characterized by affected color, cut and clarity. The challenge with red shells are a few that are not too dark. gemstone garnet, very dark, do not reflect light and sparkle. This is important in choosing a shell worn as earrings. If you put a grenade in the ears, they are not as likely to receive direct light on them, as I said, ring or bracelet.

Melissa said...

That is very true, with all gems. Red garnet especially as you pointed out, because if it is too dark they are not that pretty at all.

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