Thursday, March 31, 2011

Purple Agate Necklace

Did you know Agate is one of the most abundant gemstones in the US? It is along with Jasper. I bought this beautiful Purple Agate focal bead and then made it into a pendant. Then I made a purple Sugalite necklace to go with it, but was not happy with it, so I took it apart. Now it has found its way onto this simple sterling silver neck wire. I think it is simple yet lovely. This will be available in my Etsy store for purchase. Oh and watch the cool video below about hunting for Agate in AZ.


Reeni said...

That's gorgeous Melissa!

Melissa said...

Thanks Reeni!

Vintage wedding band said...

You are right that it is simple but I too think that its cute.I too want to have a similar thing in my collection.I really love to collect such things which are unique in themselves.Good work

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