Friday, March 18, 2011

Custom Made Watches

I have an extremely small wrist, less than six inches, which even six inch watches or bracelets are extremely difficult to find. I have been thinking of something I could make that would be all my own. I think I have found it, watches and bracelets for odd sized wrists. This is the one I just finished for myself. I used the watch face and then used fancy scroll gold plated jump rings, with a magnetic clasp. It fits me perfectly and is just a little fancy, but not so fancy that if I lose it I would be heart broken. I have tons of gemstone beads, and jump rings, that I can make several more of these. I will be doing so after I get more watch faces next week. Then I will be listing them for sale in my Etsy store. I will focus, at first at least, on the smaller sized wrist, or the larger sized wrist, both of which are difficult to find in the retail world. What do you think of my new watch? I love it!


Split Rock Ranch said...

I love it! What a fabulous idea. I'm certain there are lots more women out there who cannot find a watch that fits.

Aysha said...

This looks really nice. I am sure many ladies would love it!

Melissa said...

Thank you Split Rock Ranch, I hope many women will need some watches. Aysha, thank you so much.

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