Monday, February 21, 2011

Shapes Of Gemstones

Antique Cushion Cut Andesine/Labradorite ring. Did you know there are many different shapes of gemstones? What is your favorite? For me I think I like the trillion or triangle shaped. There are heart shapes, round, emerald, square or princess, pear, emerald, oval cuts, and the very flattering marquise cut. There may be others that I am unaware of. A rounded edge square cut is usually referred to an antique square cut. Where a pointed square cut is princess or square, depending on the faceting. Gem cutters try to cut a gemstone in the shape that is most flattering to that particular stone. Not all stones can be cut in all shapes due to internal flaws and inclusions that may be natural to that particular stone. I do not have a square, or heart shaped piece of jewelry to exhibit at this time. Please stop by my Etsy store, to check out all these lovely shaped gemstones.

Trillion shaped Blush Zircon ring.

Peridot and Garnet oval antique setting ring.

Round Blue Topaz and Blue Sapphire ring.

Emerald Cut mint green Prasiolite with Red Sapphire ring.

Huge Pear Shape Citrine pendant and Carnelian necklace.

Marquise Amethyst ring.

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