Monday, February 28, 2011

Choosing An Engagement Ring

I am not a traditional person, and probably a little unconventional. My husband, and I, did not follow a traditional engagement at all. When we got engaged we really could not afford an expensive engagement ring, though of course it is every girls dream to own the perfect 1 carat diamond engagement ring. I had just began learning to make jewelry, so I told my husband to just get me a nice CZ solitaire set in real gold. Trust me that wasn't exactly cheap, but it was beautiful. Once I could afford a small blue diamond, I removed the CZ and put the blue diamond in. I wear it proudly to this day, with the blue diamond and pink sapphire wedding band I created to go with it. When we got married my husband gave me a white gold wedding band, with small diamonds. I wear that as a set with my blue tourmaline pear shape ring, or the rubellite tourmaline ring shown below. I alternate my sets depending on my mood, and what I am doing. Big bulky rings really do not suit my profession, or doing yard work. We have been married five years this March, and I think I might make yet another wedding band, with sapphires, the gemstone to celebrate five years of marriage. The videos below are fun to watch and discuss how to pick the perfect engagement ring.


antique jewelry said...

I am completely blown after looking at the collection shared. The first ring having single diamond is superb. Its looking very simple but still classic. I wanted to have that one as my engagement ring.

Bridget Rossi said...

Well you are crafty with your rings - they're lovable. Engagement rings, in whichever they are made, are the culmination of all the time spent in a relationship. These serve as a marker of the next chapter of our lives. A delicate choice really makes it more splendid!

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