Friday, January 21, 2011

Yellow Labradorite Leaf Design Ring

This is a Yellow Labradorite gemstone ring. It is an oval, sterling silver size 5 1/2 with fancy leaf design on the shoulders of the ring. Yellow Labradorite is a rare form of Labradorite. It is natural in color and mostly from Mexico. I believe this is Yellow Labradorite but it could also be natural Citrine, or Bytownite which is actually close to Yellow Labradorite in its chemical makeup. It is a lovely gemstone and ring. If you would like to purchase this ring go to My Etsy Store. Be sure to bookmark my store, as I will be having a Valentine's Day sale starting at the end of January. I offer a free layaway service as well.


Kelly Warren said...

Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Melissa said...

Your welcome Kelly.

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