Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learn To Do Counted Cross Stitch

Before I started collecting gemstones, and then learning to make jewelry, I did counted cross stitch. I forgot how much I love it. I came across a whole bunch of them that I never actually finished and whole bunch I did but then never made into final pieces such as pillows. So I started working on them and trying what to do with them all. You simply can not frame them all, and I am not sure I want to sell them. So if anyone has creative ideas for clever things to do with finished counted cross stitch designs, I am all ears. I will share some of my finished pieces in a later post. I haven't taken pictures of any yet. I usually do only big projects. If you want to learn how to do counted cross stitch the video is very nice and helpful. I find it very relaxing, and a way to clear my mind of all other things.


Audrey said...

I love counted cross stitch but haven't really done any in the last couple of years....and then it was a set of small projects for Christmas ornaments.
I'll be interested to see your finished pieces. Tommye of TJBdesigns teaches needle work and has a fabulous blog. You might find some inspiration for what to use your finished pieces for there.

Love the sunset photo! Where was that taken?

Melissa said...

Audrey thank you for that information. I will have to look into her blog. I wish I could take credit for that picture,it is stunning. If you go to free wallpapers you can use them on your blogs. The one I just put up I took last summer on my cell phone, and forgot I even had it until I was looking for something else.

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

I LOVE cross stitching. I started doing it in Jr. High...and did it for years and years. I find it so relaxing while accomplishing something pretty at the same time. Then I got a job where all I did was type for 8 hours and couldn't bear doing anything with my hands after hours...then kids came know it goes! Usually I stitch something and am too cheap to have it matted and framed--even after all that work. LOL! One lady I talked with not too long ago shockingly said cross stitch was "out"! Can you imagine? Ha! Guess that is her opinion, and I still enjoy it. You could always give finished pieces as gifts or donate to somewhere (like a church or assisted living home). Can't wait to see what you've done. It's just amazing to me what can be done with some colored thread and time.
Have a good weekend! ; )

Melissa said...

Matting and setting the completed project is not one of my better skills. I was getting better, before I took such a long break from it.

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