Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dog Shedding: Meet Biscuit

This is Biscuit. She is my beautiful Lab mix, with ? Golden Retriever loving dog. She will be two in July, and she really is the most wonderful dog.

The issue with Biscuit, is that she sheds excessively. We have her on Pedigree dog food, bathing, combing, etc. She is healthy with no skin diseases, fleas or other issues. She just sheds a lot all year long! I am kind of tired of her beautiful hair everywhere. It really is lovely soft hair. I vacuum, and vacuum, and vacuum. So I heard you could give Omega 3 supplements and it helps. Has anyone actually tried this to know if it helps? It certainly can't hurt her to try it.


Ebie said...

My pixie bob cat sheds a lot of hair, too. And its all over the place.

Biscuit is such a cute name.

Melissa said...

Thank you Ms Ebie. How do you combat all that hair?

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