Friday, December 10, 2010

Large Gemstone Globe

Today for my Christmas countdown are these large gemstone globes. This video is old, the large ones are 99.99 right now on JTV. I so want one of these, they are cool for gem geeks like me. Plus it would be awesome in our homeschool lessons. I have to save my pennies. They have an awesome red one this year, that I love. I tried to find the video for how they are made, it is cool too, but it wasn't on Youtube. I do know JTV has it on their website if you are curious to see it. Only 15 days until Christmas.


Split Rock Ranch said...

They sell these at a jewelry store in Breckenridge and they are SO cool!! I hope you can get one.

Melissa said...

I have never seen one at any store I have been in. If I can't get it in time for Christmas, Valentine's Day isn't far away.

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