Sunday, December 12, 2010

Drawing A Ring Design

I have never tried drawing out my designs before I make them. I just picture what I like in my head, and then look for the proper supplies. This is so very neat, and I could see how you could lay out some beautiful designs before you make it. Do you draw out your jewelry pieces?


Sweetwater Designs said...

Great post inspires me to be a little more proactive about designing~ I usually lay out materials that I think I want to put together and just sort of feel it out from there. This method probably ensures a more precise outcome..interesting!


Diamond Engagement Rings said...

I go through your youtube video! It is very useful watch for me,I know that all the other factors of the designing process depend on how much you are willing to spend. So, once you are comfortable with your budget, the next step is to find a jeweler who you can work with.

Melissa said...

Sweetwater designs, sounds similar to what I do also.

Diamond engagement rings, yes finding a trustworthy jeweler is like finding a good mechanic in my opinion.

Anne said...

Since I am design challenged, I don't make jewelry. The few times I have tried, I just put the supplies together based upon what I liked.

Melissa said...

That is how we all begin for the most part, Anne. Keep trying you might find you are not so challenged after all.

Diamond Rings said...

Excellent tutorial to learn A ring design drawing, you'll learn how to draw a wolf skull from real photograph. Think about your passions and interests. You want your ring design to be as unique and interesting as you are, so first identify the things you are interested in and determine if these interests can be used in some design fashion.

Melissa said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I have never tried to actually draw out my designs, not yet anyways.

rings design said...

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