Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Learn To Make A Beaded Gemstone Tree

This is such a cool idea. I wish I was nearly as creative as some of these people I see. This a gemstone bead tree. It looks very simple to make. Give it a try, and tell me how you like it.

There are 39 days left until Christmas, and here is today's gift idea. Be sure to check out the archives for all the gift ideas, and special sale codes for my Etsy store.


Aysha said...

I dont think I would ever get that crafty..but the book you showed would make a great gift

Melissa said...

Aysha it looks pretty simple on the video. I think it is a clever idea, now I just need the time to try it. I love the books, I have a few of them.

vintage earrings said...

Well written post ! Its great idea of making beaded gemstone tree. I just watched your shared video. Great job..You described everything very clearly. Thanks a ton:)


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