Saturday, September 4, 2010

Use Your Kids Toys To Make Ornaments

I actually got this idea last year, when shopping for Christmas ornaments. I used to buy a new ornament every year for my children. Then someday they could take them and hang them on their trees. My children have so many toys they love and don't always play with anymore. Some of the more special ones I wanted to keep. Like my son's super hero action figures, Thomas the Train engines, and Caitlin's My Little Pony miniatures, and Madame Alexander miniature dolls. Then I had a thought. You could use this very pliable crafting wire, in amazing colors, to wire wrap the toy and make my own ornaments. You could also hot glue a pendant bail to the top of the toy, and then just add a hook to hang it from the tree. I did one just to be sure it would work, and it worked wonderfully. You could even sell them in your Etsy stores or at craft fairs, if you had the inclination to do so. You would need a pair of flat nose pliers to squeeze in the ends of the wire, so it is secure, and not sticking out.

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